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Best VR Headsets in 2019

Virtual reality is fast transforming the viewing experience of users by use of latest cutting edge technology. Virtual spaces are being created with only motion tracking and a headset. There are three categories which are used in placing VR headsets inclusive of tethered, standalone and mobile.

Below is a list of some of the best VR headsets in the game worth your time

Google Cardboard

This is the perfect solution for a beginner in virtual reality experience. The best part about Cardboard is that it is very affordable. Ios and Android devices are compatibly with the headset. From the device, you can gain access to a wide source of content.

It also has a simple use procedure after downloading the Cardboard app.The Cardboard app is a simple way of learning how to use the device. The step is followed by placing your phone as part of the Cardboard viewer then followed by pairing off the magnification lenses. There are available demo experiences you can view to get a hang of it.

Vive and Vive Cosmos

With the Vive, you gain access to a wide range of appliances including the main headset, two motion controllers and two bases stations. The after sale support devices are aimed at giving users an unequaled viewing experience. The power of the Vive is extensive with ability to track your movements even in a 10 foot cube. This beats previous versions which only tracked movements from your seat.

As part of the package, it also includes a set of motion controllers which hare advanced with high processing speed units. However, with the Vive Cosmos, you can gain a higher resolution. It also includes outward facing cameras for tracking your position. There is reduced need for the base stations especially with the presence of the advanced motion controllers.

Unpacking the Oculus Rift S

The type has done a lot of cover for high resolution in terms of the VR area. Light motion controllers are part of the package. It does not require external sensors for operating. A dsipaly port is required hence users with only a single HDMI output on their PC will have to be content with cables. There are a host of VR games which you can gain access through via streaming.

Playstation VR

The price associated with the Plastation VR makes it a go to device especially with the advanced developments. Unlike other gamign PCs, you can also access the same services through your Playstation 4. To gain access to the full potential of the VR experience, you will need the headset, Playstation 4 and a Playstation camera.

There are range of interesting games you can find on the VR with developers working on including more games. The Dual Shock 4 works well together with the Playstation VR With these in paly, there is no need for using motion controllers.

This is a major disadvantage since the Playstation VR relies on motion controllers for a unique gaming experience.

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