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Useful Tips for Properly Washing Your Windows

Since window washing is a tiring job, you should make sure that when you clean them, you do it right the first time. Read on and learn some hints that can be applied so that you don’t have to rewash your windows in case they are not correctly done. The day you choose to clean your windows should be cloudy and dry which is the first tip that you should consider. Washing your windows when it is sunny, there’s every possibility that the window cleaner will dry on the windows and leave streaks that are hard to remove. In case on the day you choose to clean your windows the weather is not favorable, perhaps you could start on side where there’s shade.

Before you wash your windows remove the dust and dirt first. To remove dirt on your windows before washing them, begin by using your vacuum machine’s dusting component to sweep off the dust or use a brush. In so doing you will stop any dirt from becoming a muddy mess when it mixes with water and the window cleaner. Hot sudsy water and a soft brush can be used to clean any window screen that has grime on it. You can clean your blinds and shades which is part of window washing by opening the slats and washing each with a wet cloth and drying them with a dry cloth or through a microfiber duster. You can refresh your curtains by drying them for 15 minutes and rehanging them immediately, so they don’t wrinkle.

Use the right window cleaners to wash your windows. In case you know your windows are dirty, ensure you use enough window cleaner to wash away the dirt completely. You will notice streaks on your windows if you are generous with the window cleaner.

Using a microfiber cloth is the most recommended way to clean your window panes although there are some people who like using newspaper to clean their window panes. Your windows will have a shiny finish and no streaks if you use microfiber cloth since they are super absorbent, easy to use and washable. But if decide to dry the windows using a paper towel make sure you get the type that will do a good job failing which your windows will be left with lint. Avoid using the squeegee when washing your windows. Since water goes to the floor when a squeegee is used, avoid using it as it messes the floor. But in case you are washing big windows, the squeegee is very important. Finally, windows should be washed at least twice a year.

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