Employee Recognition is An Award For All Employees

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Employee recognition is a term that has an important role in a company or work environment. Everyone definitely wants to get recognition for the various things they do. Moreover, recognition of their performance results. Therefore, companies that provide work must also know and understand the importance of being able to recognize their employees.

Maybe there are still few people who know about this term. This is a company recognition effort for employees who have good performance or outstanding employees. Usually this aims to provide appreciation.

In this case, the reward in question is not in the form of material such as holiday bonuses or incentive bonuses and other bonuses. But recognition is in the form of praise or coronation as an outstanding employee and so on.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition in the World of Work

Recognition by giving awards is also one of the methods by which the leader or company will recognize the achievements of an employee. The aim of making this effort is to provide recognition for employees when they are in the work environment. Not only that, but it is also a form of positive appreciation and strengthens the company’s work practices and increases employee work productivity.

When it comes to giving recognition to employees, it can also be done formally or informally. For formal methods, for example by holding a special awards event to gather all employees.

Meanwhile, non-formal means giving praise to employee achievements during meetings. We need to know that one of the rewards for employees that companies in Indonesia often do is giving awards to employees so that their performance will be better or superior.

So they can get the title of employee of the Month or employee of the Year. Even though it seems trivial, in reality this recognition makes employees feel happier and definitely recognized. Then they will also be more enthusiastic about increasing productivity and become an effort to foster employee work motivation. If you give more employees formal and informal recognition, then it is certain that company profits will also increase.

Reasons Why It Should Be Done

Getting recognition for the work we do as employees is a very important need to fulfill. Usually superiors do this to their subordinates or by fellow employees or it could also be between groups or members. Apart from interpreting it as an effort to provide appreciation, employee recognition is also a sign that an employee’s performance results are in line with the company’s expectations.

Therefore, companies must also understand how to position all employees as individuals who need appreciation, even in a simple form. So, the term employee recognition must be recognized by all companies in Indonesia. The company must also create a special program to build a culture of mutual appreciation.