Obstacles in Career Development, Be Careful and Vigilant

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It is important for you to be aware of obstacles in career development. This can be a problem that sometimes a person is not fully aware of. Not a few people complain that their careers are not progressing.

In fact, they actually blame environmental conditions. Meanwhile, in fact, many factors can become obstacles in developing a person’s career.

Obstacles in Career Development

Obstacles in Career Development that You Need to Be Aware of

In carrying out a career, of course we want a development in the career we are pursuing. As company employees, of course we don’t want to be stuck in one position continuously or even experience no improvement at all.

Often in pursuing a career we will encounter many obstacles or obstacles that come at any time and from anywhere. Therefore, it is important for us to know what can hinder career development. There are many factors that become obstacles in pursuing a career, including:

Lack of Networking

You can feel obstacles in career development when you don’t have extensive networking. We cannot deny that networking is one of the important things in career matters.

The simple thing to start up networking is to get to know all your colleagues in the office. Next, you can take part in several seminars or forums to increase your contacts outside the office.

There are many benefits from having an extensive network. Apart from being able to facilitate career development matters, you can also use it to increase your knowledge.

Lack of Self-Confidence

In the organizational structure that exists in a company, a pyramid system usually applies. The higher a position, the fewer number of positions available so that competition will be created.

Facing competition to fill higher positions certainly requires high self-confidence. However, if you are unsure about the competition, this can make the selection process for filling the position less than optimal.

Careers That Don’t Match Your Interests

The next obstacle may come if the career you are pursuing does not match your interests or the field you are good at. This mismatch can make you feel reluctant to develop your career. This is because you feel forced to carry out this career.

Not Getting a Good Mentor

Career development will certainly encounter obstacles if you don’t find a mentor who can guide you well. For example, at work there are no seniors to guide you. Of course this will make it difficult for you to develop within the scope of work.

Lack of Information in Career Development

People often have little or no understanding of career paths within a company. Apart from that, the criteria and requirements for obtaining a promotion are also sometimes poorly understood. Does a higher position require any special requirements? Such as certification, length of service, special training and so on.

There are still many obstacles in career development. Whatever is behind the slow or slow development of your career, you should be wiser in dealing with it. Try to be more sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses you have. In this way your career will develop well.